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Accept Payments on Your iPhone Today with Payment Jack’s Encrypted iPhone Credit Card Swiper

Payment Jack’s mobile processing solutions make it easy to accept all major credit cards and ACH transactions when you’re on the go. A simple swipe from your encrypted iPhone credit card reader and you’re in business!

  • Accept all major credit cards and ACH transactions swiftly and efficiently from your iPhone
  • Simplify the mobile transaction process — swipe or hand key transactions, sign and email receipts, and sell or refund from anywhere, at any time
  • Protect your mobile sales with P2PE, tokenization and PCI-compliant technology
  • With rates as low as 1.29% we are the lowest in the industry
  • We are so confident you will like our service that we will pay your 1st 30 days fees!
  • I will give you as many swipers as you need including shipping


Setting up your iPhone mobile merchant account is simple — just download the free mobile payment app, plug in your optional credit card reader for iPhone and start accepting credit cards everywhere! You’ll be able to sell, refund and pre-authorize transactions instantly. With the ability to sign receipts from the device and send email receipts straight to the customer, transactions are fast and paper-free.

Credit card processing on your iPhone is easy! Call us today to sign up for a new merchant account, and get a free encrypted iPhone swiper.

Payment Jack App & Terminals

Credit card machine for iPhone

iPhone is a top-notch smartphone from the world renowned brand Apple, which is known for delivery innovative products and reliable services.  Having an iPhone means having access to the cutting edge technology. It not only brings technology to your fingertips, but also makes you stand out of the crowd. These days, your iPhone could be used as a point of sale (POS) system or business. There is a plethora of mobile credit card processors available, and the biggest challenge becomes finding which type of creditcard machine for iPhone is suitable.

The functioning of credit card machine for iPhone takes your phone into a secure credit card terminal, where you will receive a free card swiper and free software to get you up and running.  With the help of payment jack, you can make a sale everywhere.   There is a plethora of benefits of payment jack. Some of the notable benefits are mentioned as:-

  • Provides real time authorization
  • Check transaction history and reports on your iPhone
  • Use Signature capture
  • Email receipts to your customers

Businesses have many choices for mobile credit card processors. They could either go for independent vendors that provide all types of credit card processing.  Broadly, there are three types of credit card processing system. The most common is the app and reader combo, which makes the popular choice for iPhone. It offers simplicity to use and is quite reliable.  Businesses just need to sign up for a merchant account with the provider of their choice and are free to download the provider’s application on their phones.  However, business owners who are looking for credit card processing solutions, which are sturdier, could make use of app and terminal.  It looks much like mobile card readers and can be used anywhere you have iPhone.  It comes with a plethora of features, which are appreciated by customers, such as mobile terminals are fortified with all the competences of a consistent POS terminal such as staff management, marketing tools and analytics.

The last but not the least, another reliable way to accept mobile payments with your iPhone is using app only.  Instead of using card readers as well as dongles, you can use credit card processing apps, which make use of iPhone’s camera. If these options are not viable to you and your business has already a credit card merchant account, there are many credit card machines for iPhoneavailable that offer zero startup costs and a free card swiper for your iPad or iPhone.  With the help of these credit cardmachines for iPhone, you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a full features credit card terminal which allow you to carry out secure transactions. These solutions are best for industries, such as:

  • Mobile market vendors
  • Mobile business owners
  • Airport, Taxi services
  • General contractors
  • Direct Sellers
If you too want to reap benefits from your iPhone and turn it into a point of sale, then using the various credit card machines for iPhone is the best options for you. These machines offer various benefits and are safe to use.