Rates & Fees for Payment Jack App Processing

Stand Alone Merchant Account Pricing – A merchant who utilizes the Payment Jack app and card swipe device(s) as the only method of processing.

Visa/MC/Discover Discount Rate:

Retail / Restaurant = 1.49% (swiped)

MOTO = 1.99% (card not present)

  • Transaction Fee – $0.25 (includes Visa/MC interchange per item fee, access fee and communication fee)
  • $10/month mobile gateway fee (this covers the first phone line, and it bundles the merchant account service fee and the mobile gateway fee)
  • Mobile gateway fee of $5 /month for each additional phone line added to the account
  • No cancellation fee
  • Exempt from our compliance program
  • Free initial Card Swipe Device, additional card swipe devices are at a low discounted price of $19.95/each

Payment Jack App & Terminals